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Bill-It Box

The Bill-It Box is a new Remote Management Tool for shared grounds, councils, body corporates, throughout your area – be it your city, shire, county, entire organization; you name it.

It allows you to control access and report on usage of different users that share the same facility, such as regular sporting events or club use, as well as one-off hire or annual community events, and has configurable reports of users and usage for your convenience to view, with billing information integrated for use in Technology One which is widely used by councils in Australia.

Bill-It Box Installation


The Bill-It Box System is a Web-based solution to manage User Access, capture and report accurate time-of-use and location; for you to manage shared grounds from your Office Desktop or Mobile Phone Browser. On-site hardware captures and reports usage to your local or cloud-based server, and uses mobile networks to send data, and receives updates for on-site users to access the power as they need.

For users, consumption of power is managed by simple “on/off” pin codes that have automatic time-outs, with specifically assigned access to power, so that you can rest assured they only have access to the power they need, and helps control costs and lock out access to vandals. These pins are simple and easy to set up, and can also be prioritized for special events if need be.

You can also extrapolate information about the integrity of your systems – letting you know if there is an inconsistency with usage or access, so you can organize maintenance ahead of time, without it being an urgent priority.

Mouunting diagram

Case Studies

Shared building by various clubs such as Boy Scouts or Girl Guides. The Boy Scouts use it on Mondays and Thursdays for 3 hours, and the Girl Guides use it on Fridays for 3 hours. Each club has their own pin code access to turn on the power, and will automatically shut off after 3 hours, or until they turn it off themselves.

Sports grounds shared by multiple clubs at the same time. The Football Club use Field A, and the Soccer Club use Field B. The Football Club only has pin code access to the power for Field A, and the Soccer Club only has pin code access for Field B. They can turn on the power for both at the same time, but are metered separately.

A Unit Building has a tennis court, that can be hired out by the tenants. Tenants can enter their pin code, the power comes on and disables the magnetic lock, then enter their pin code again to turn the power off, and re-enable the magnetic lock. It gives timestamps for start and end of use, and access can be locked out after a preset time of day, in accordance with grounds rules.

Annual Event use over the long weekend where organizer of the show is billed for the use of the grounds. Since this is a special one-off annual event, they are given priority access to the power, so no other clubs can turn off the power mid-event.

Additional Functionality

The Bill-IT Box solution works with Schneider Com’X 200/210 to collect data from any Modbus TCP/Modbus serial line gateway, pulse meter, actuator, and analog sensor, and can give you access to the Schneider suite of Power Monitoring and Control Software.


The Bill-IT box solution is flexible and scale-able and we can cater to the needs of any client. We can provide only the Bill-It Box or we can provide the full package solution with all needed items for communication with server and meters.

Future expansion

The Bill-IT box solution is reporting tool that uses Modbus Communications to read, capture and control any systems that use the same protocols, like electricity, water and gas.