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Buy Connect Now!

Buy Connect software and be able to

  • Keep labelling consistent with naming conventions,
  • Minimise the reams of paper producing relevant and accurate reports,
  • Set scheduled testing and keep the test report data all in one traceable place,
  • Keep information maintained properly; with all the information kept in one database when you update one piece of information all the related information also updated,
  • Take the information and forms with you out of the office and into the field using a tablet download,
  • Easily upload information from site and projects to keep data up to date,
  • And so much more.


About Connect

The flagship program, CONNECT is an example of this philosophy in action. CAS Distributors hypothesis was that the fragmentation of data onsite between electrical engineering and electrical maintenance was causing inaccuracies leading to misinterpretation of information from that data, and that by centrally managing all data, quality information would be available for proactive maintenance and leading-edge engineering.

CAS Distributors teamed with a highly specialised contracting firm, TechCompServices, who has experience in the Technical records area of inspections and engineering drafting. Using TechCompServicesexperience, CONNECT has been developed to service large scale electrical installations from the point of view of the maintenance crews needs.

CONNECT is a simple form driven interfaces that ties together previously incompatible areas of data relating to a sites electrical installation, equipment and cable numbering, termination and distribution board drawings, engineered set point values for protection settings, supplier and installation datasheets along with maintenance and statutory test result histories, all accessible in a single quick look up program.